Worshiping Together

A Parent’s Guide to Sabbath, Worship, and Communion


Section One

A Parent's Role

From the Old Testament to the New, scripture commands us as believers to pass our faith on to our children. In this section, we will discuss the importance of taking an active role as a parent who desires generational faithfulness.


Section Two

Family Lessons

Beginning with an introduction, this section includes four family-devotional lessons to help align you and your children with a Biblical understanding of what worship is, why we take communion, and our need for a Savior.


Section Three

What's Next?

We hope these guides have been helpful in instructing your children in the act of worship, but this is only the START. In this section, you will find tips and resources to help you continue a faith-filled mission to lead your family. Our desire is to see a church filled with families desiring to know Christ and to make Christ known TOGETHER!