What's Next? | Part One

Discerning with your child when to begin Communion

Throughout these lessons, we have looked at God making your children to worship him, the Passover meal, The Lord’s Supper, and the redemption offered at the cross.

Being able to process these foundational ideas is important for your child as you help guide them to take Communion reflectively.

Below are some sample questions that will help you see what your child has heard and understood in this time of equipping. Feel free to coach, coax, and encourage fuller answers from your child.  

Lesson One Questions

Lesson Two Questions

Lesson Three Questions

Lesson Four Questions

After asking some or all of these questions, allow your child a chance to then ask questions. Pray with your child thanking God for them and for what He is doing in them. Pray for discernment about your child’s readiness–that the Lord would guide with clarity.

Also, please know that this resource is not intended to replace community, collaboration or help from the pastors or children’s director. It’s meant to be a way to kickstart this process in your home as you lean into your role as primary disciplers to your children–as you pass on your faith to the next generation. Consider meeting with other parents as you begin to walk through this. Talk about what is working, what has come up in conversation and use it as an opportunity to ask each other questions. We are the church and we should walk together. If you want to connect with other parents or have other questions for a pastor, reach out to us.