Introduction to

Family Lessons

There are four lessons for you and your child to do at home together. Each will take about 25 minutes. Move through them at a pace that works best for you and your child. You could do one-a-day or one-a-week. Spreading it further than that, you may find less effective for retention purposes.

A few tips:

  • Look each lesson before starting with your child
  • Turn off screens and remove obvious distractions
  • Work through this with them. Give them time to think through parts on their own, but don’t leave them to finish any lessons on their own.
  • Give your child the provided journal and let them use it when needed for the lessons and also to write or draw pictures of questions or things they may want to remember. What a special memory for them to keep and reflect back on as they grow in Christ!
  • Use a physical Bible and have your child use theirs (please let us know if they need a children’s Bible!)
  • Pray with your child before you begin

Discussion Questions

Ready to get started?