Family Lessons | Part One

God made us to worship

Materials needed


This lesson will help your child begin to understand that God created us so that we would worship Him–We are all made to worship Him.



What are your favorite things about you?

Have your child think about it and then write or draw their answer in the space provided in their worship journal. Affirm your child’s answers to build them up! If they have a hard time coming up with things, help them by telling saying your favorite things about them.

Who made you that way?

Let them write their response→ God


Psalm 139:13-14

Help your child find the verse in their Bibles, or read the following:

God, You made my whole being. You formed me in my mother’s body. I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well.



This is what you looked like in my belly!

Show them the ultrasound pictures of themselves, or click below for an image:


Use playdough to make yourself as a baby

Allow them to own the creative process of molding and making themselves in the womb. Try not to over-coach or correct creative choices and invite them to talk about their thought process. When they’re finished, affirm your child’s sculpture.

This project will give them a chance to have some fun while learning a complex biblical idea – that the God of the universe was intimately involved in making them! Making something in three dimensions invites them into the imagery of Psalm 139 and helps them to better understand the concept of the infinite God making them. God, in His sovereignty, was molding, making, and shaping you and your child to be exactly who he intended.



God did make us in an amazing and wonderful way! And because God did that, the Bible says that we should praise Him.


What does it mean to praise God?

Give them a chance to answer as best they can. Emphasize that we praise God by worshipping him.

How are some ways that we worship God as a family?

“Going to church” may be part of the answer. 

What are some of the things we do at church?

Singing, praying, learning the Bible…

Did you know that God made a special day for us to worship him? Do you know what day that is?

“Sunday” is the answer.

What are some days that are special to you?

Their Birthday… the day they get to go to Disney… Help them name any “special” day to them. Mention some special days for you.

What makes that day special for you?

Help them name unique things about those days… cake… parties… friends… Convey to them that God loves his special day just like we love our special days.

How can we make Sunday special for God?

Celebrate and consider implementing their ideas for how to make Sunday special.


Draw ways we can worship God

Ask your child to think of ways they can worship God and have them draw some of their ideas in their worship journal. Review their ideas and talk about other ways we can worship, too.


Pray together