What's Next? | Part Four

Helpful family resources

Parenting in the Pew

A common trend you see in churches these days is to provide completely separate worship services for children and youth while the adults participate in “big church.” Parenting in the Pew addresses the need for a unified body of worship and “guiding your children into the joy of worship.”

Jesus Storybook Bible

For parents of young children, the Jesus Storybook Bible is a beautiful re-telling of stories and lessons found throughout scripture. Colorful illustrations and easy-to-grasp concepts help explain Old Testament and New Testament narratives to children while connecting it all back to Christ.

Visionary Parenting

This is an excellent resource for families at any stage to grasp the responsibility of generational faithfulness. Visionary Parenting is a comprehensive guide to helping parents navigate family worship and passing down the faith for generations to come.