A Parent's Role | Part Three

How important your role is

It is ultimately the responsibility of the parent to spiritually nurture their child to understand what worship and Communion is all about. That can feel like a daunting responsibility. As a church, we want to help equip parents well for that high task.

To start, let’s think about the Sabbath. What even is the Sabbath and what does it mean for us today?

  1. Day of rest. A day to stop the regular routines of producing.
  2. Day of delight. For unique enjoyment in God’s provision–good food, good drink, good relational connections (wink wink), etc.
  3. Holy. Set aside as a day to share in the rest of God. It was God who created AND God who rested.

So how does this connect with corporate worship and your child?

When we model to our kids what the Sabbath should be–a day created especially for us to enjoy and rest in–it sets the tone for the day’s value and distinct difference from the rest of the week.

We savor worshiping together as the body of Christ, reflecting on His goodness and remembering our purposes in Him.

Discussion Questions