What's Next? | Part Two

Questions you may still have

What do I do if I think my child is ready?

Begin thinking about some ways that you can prepare for their first Communion together. How can you, as a parent, help make Communion a special meal for your family? AND don’t stop having these conversations with your child! This is a lifelong process and a daily walk. 

What do I do if my child doesn’t seem ready or to understand?

Keep talking and praying with them. The Holy Spirit is at work and will lead them. Consider too that they will not yet have a full understanding of it all (even we can’t fully!) and that’s just fine.

What if my child has not been baptized yet?

You and your child will need to meet with Pastor Scott or Pastor Kory to begin the process of baptism. Talk with your shepherding elder or call the church office: (228) 875-5326.

What should I do if I, the parent, don’t understand what all of this is really about?

Your shepherding elder would love to speak with you and help you gain a better understanding of communion and worship.

Can we meet with a pastor?

Absolutely! Please call the church office to set up a time: (228) 875-5326.

What do we do with the worship journal?

Keep it! Maybe let your child bring it to worship and let them color or write in it as they listen. Encourage them to look back in it periodically so they can remember what they learned and see how they are growing.