What's Next? | Part Three

Quick tips for introducing your child to corporate worship

Start small

Introduce your youngest children to worship in small pieces. Perhaps begin by letting them be with you in worship until after the children’s sermon, and then taking them to childcare. Let that time grow incrementally each week and month. 

Sit where you can get out easily

If you fear disruption or need to make a quick exit, position yourself in the sanctuary to where you are able to sneak out if needed. 

Prepare the night before

Treat Saturday night as you would a school night. Go to bed at a decent time, choose the clothes you will wear, and talk to your children about expectations and goals. Let them help with that too! Allowing them to take part in planning and preparing and setting their own goals often creates more “buy-in” for them.

During worship, talk about what’s happening

Don’t be afraid to talk to your kids in worship. in fact, please do! There are so many things that are happening and so much is over their heads. Stop as much as you can and help tell them what you are doing. Invite them into as much as they are able to be a part of. They may not understand it all, but that’s ok!

Don’t be frazzled by noise.

Your kids are ALWAYS loudest to you! It’s ok if they aren’t perfect. They are children and they are learning. Let the sounds happen and gently guide them as needed. 

Ask for help

Ask a friend or staff member to set you up with a volunteer who’s ready to be extra hands. We have so many seasoned moms who would LOVE to help! They have been there and done it, and understand. What an amazing opportunity for the body of Christ to come around and help raise up our children to know Christ. Remember they said they would when your child was baptized!?

Know that each kid is different

What worked for your first may not work for your second. That’s ok! Give yourself grace, and keep going. They will all learn and participate in different ways in their (and more importantly the Holy Spirit’s) time.