A Parent's Role | Part Two

The Gospel story in worship

You may not have realized that each aspect of corporate worship (liturgy) is very intentional. It’s not merely a collection of random pieces or traditions, but rather a symbolic reflection of the Gospel story.

  • We consider God’s greatness and holiness in our call to worship.
  • We recognize the ugliness of our rebellion, sin, and brokenness in our confession of sin.
  • We remember the grace of God’s sacrificial love for us in Jesus in our declaration of pardon.
  • We celebrate the shared story of our redemption as we pass the peace of Christ to one another.
  • We hear again the word of God proclaimed that sanctifies us through preaching.
  • We pray, at God’s invitation, as we intercede on behalf of God’s Kingdom in our congregational prayer.
  • We give of ourselves to his kingdom purpose in our collection of tithes and offerings.
  • We delight in the tangible grace of the cross of Jesus in the sacramental meal of our Lord.
  • We are sent out with the good news that is ours to tell in the blessing and benediction.
  • We come back the next week and do it all over again.

Discussion Questions