Family Lessons | Part Three

The Special Meal

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The story of Passover ultimately points us toward Jesus and the sacrifice that he would become to deliver his people.


The conception, culmination, and consummation of the story of redemption is Jesus Christ. Every story in the scriptures contains a thread that connects to God’s plan to heal a world broken in sin by taking that sin upon himself in Jesus. Some of those threads are subtle. Some of those threads are obvious. The story of Passover ultimately points us toward Jesus and the sacrifice that he would become to deliver his people.

Jesus points out this thread when he sat at the table with his apostles for the Last Supper. He tells them that he is the lamb sacrificed and that his blood is the covering that will allow God to pass over their sins and deliver them from death. In this lesson, your child will be introduced to the Lord’s Supper. 

“Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty concerning the body and blood of the Lord.” As parents it will be your responsibility to make sure you prepare your child to receive the gift of the Lord’s Supper in a “worthy manner”. This simply means that the meal should be taken with an appropriate amount of understanding, reverence, and reflection. The purpose of this lesson is to provide you and your child something to draw on as you lead them to the table. Communion is a family meal that tells the story of our deliverance.


The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

(Click to zoom) Have your children count the people and name the foods they see.  Ask them what they think is going on and get them to talk about it.


This painting tells a very special story we find in the Bible. Every year Jesus would share a very special meal with his best friends – the disciples. That meal was called Passover. They would enjoy special food and tell the story of Moses and the Hebrew people escaping from Egypt. Passover was the best meal of the year! 

But one year Jesus told his best friends that it would be the last time they would share that very special Passover meal together. He told them that he was going to have to die to save them from their sins, just like the Passover lamb. That was very sad for them. 

So to make that last Passover meal extra special, Jesus planned it all out. Jesus took time to plan where they would eat and the perfect time when they could all be together. He made sure just enough places were set around the table, and he made sure there was enough special food so they could all eat. And as they ate the meal, he told them he wanted them to always remember that very special meal because it would remind them of the very special thing he was going to do for them. Jesus was going to sacrifice himself so that he could save them. Just like the Passover lamb! 


In this lesson, you will give your child an opportunity to plan a “special meal”. The meal you will plan doesn’t need to be for a special occasion but it could be. The point will be to let them determine what will be served (even if it doesn’t suit your palette – this is about them!). They will be asked who should be at this special meal. At least one person beyond your nuclear family will add to it being “special”. They will come up with a menu. Help them plan the place setting and decorations that make it feel special. Show them the good china! And lastly, they will have a chance to write a prayer to pray before the meal. Help them as much as needed but let it be their prayer. Let your child own the process.


On special Sundays in church, we celebrate that very special meal. It’s called Communion. We share special bread. We drink special juice. And when we share that very special meal together, we tell the story so that we can remember what Jesus did. And we remember that he didn’t just do it for his twelve disciples. Jesus died for us too because we are very special to him.

To get ready to take this special meal in church, we need to remember what Jesus did for us. We also need to be thankful that he invites us to the very special meal he planned. 

To help us understand how special this Communion meal is for Jesus, you will have a chance to plan a very special meal for very special people too!


Special Meal Plan

Guide the children to plan with the following questions. This is also in your child’s journal. Allow them to write or draw their plans as you discuss.

What will my very special meal celebrate?

Who are the very special people to invite?

When will my very special meal be?

What very special food will we serve?

What very special dishes and decorations should we use?

What very special prayer will we pray before the meal?



Pray together